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Strategy Games - Page 3

Grab as many bananas as you can to extend the time limit by making Monkey Stack before the time runs out or lives reach zero.
You need to build the bridge to get the creatures to the other side. The second installment of this popular physics game!
Build the bridge across the canyon. Sound easy? Think again. The physics is really cool, and it is a huge challenge getting the structure right. Once your bridge is built, these strange creatures can cross... safely I hope.
Defend your castle from the raging attacks of the black pawns.
Play carefully and do not get conquered.
To kill the zombie you have to use brains, brawn and flaming rockets!
Strategically place the tractor spheres to guide the ball into the portal.
Stack the E4 police, who are in containers, so the craft can pick them up again. Unfortunately they just won't stay still!
Manage airport take offs and landings to avoid collisions and minimize delays.
Defend your base from the attacking zombie hordes. Tower defense with minifig zombies!
Bubble shooter like you have never seen before.
Chinese checkers, but with a slight variation from the original game.
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