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Strategy Games - Page 2

A fun game where you shoot, collect, and warp.
When the master is out, the house belongs to the mouse!
It's time to get back to flipping burgers. This time you have three new and different restaurants to cook in.
Place your towers correctly if you want to succeed.
Chinese checkers, but with a slight variation from the original game.
Click and drag the theif, avoid the security alarms and collect the required tools to complete the game.
Build a zoo, entertain guests, and manage everything. You can even be the animals and play around!
Bubble Shooter gets a whole new spin.
You have the power to control the skies.
Stack the E4 police, who are in containers, so the craft can pick them up again. Unfortunately they just won't stay still!
Checkers for two people.
Shoot the marble in such a way that you knock off all of the green blocks.
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