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Shoot 'em Up - Page 5

A wild and crazy arcade shooting game.
As an anti-war machine, you need to take out those space invaders.
Someone forgot his coffee this morning...
These pills cause your dreams to become horrible nightmares in which you have to fight to survive against a horde of evil spirits from beyond. Beware, this game is not for the faint of heart!
Launch the kid as far as possible to escape the giant bear! Use the mouse to set the angle and power.
A fun shooter game that starts slowly, but quickly gets harder.
Shoot the ghosts as fast as you can!
A really fun role playing game that uses strategy too.
Meet Flakboy, your test subject for today. He can take a lot of damage, but just how much damage can you deal?
A knife-throwing "Wheel of Death" game set in the dark age of economic depression.
The enemy apache helicopters are rallying on the ActionJetz dustlands. Take down as many as you can.
You are in for the fight of your life against these sharks and crabs.
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