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Whether you are shooting zombies or spitwads, third person shooter games have so much variety you might not play any other kind of free flash game again!
Shoot the evil alien clones.
As an anti-war machine, you need to take out those space invaders.
Play this dynamic top down shooter with high quality graphics and lots of great features.
Bring the bad guys to justice. Old west style.
Can you kill the living dead?
Defend yourself and survive the massive enemy attacks.
A sweet race car game where you must shoot your enemies to survive!
Meet Guy: he doesn't shoot the bad guys the old fashioned way!
Defend your hive!
Someone forgot his coffee this morning...
The war to be the greatest sorcerer on the planet rages on.
Make your way through the enemy zone.
Pirates are attacking the city, and you must shoot your way through 15 levels to stop them!
Move the police car with Arrow Keys and Shoot with the left mouse button.
A special Unit has been sent to Mars to prevent a looming threat.
Shoot the cops before they run you over. Gain achievements the more you play the game!
Shoot the pixel-y tanks before they shoot you!
Vinnie's back with vengeance.
Sift Renegade features the Yakuza member Kiro, who is on a mission to seek the truth and take revenge!
Sift Renegade 2 features action packed fighting and intense plot-twisting storyline as Kiro meets new enemies.
Here comes Vinnie's girlfriend with some high killing skills. Shorty is an important and well, find out why and how!
For Shorty, the Christmas season is more stressful than it is for most people.
You're the new guy in town. Prove your toughness by dueling.
A futuristic cop game where you destroy the enemy as you go on patrol.
Yuck! A spitwad fight.
Survive for as long as you can. Upgrade your weapon, dodge meteors, crush aliens and shoot down the spaceships.
Martial law has declared on the city and all crime families have set out to ravage the city in any shape or form.
A fun isometric shooting game about an A.I. gone mad.
Shoot your enemies in this awesome shooting game.
Thing against Thing in the arena.
A knife-throwing "Wheel of Death" game set in the dark age of economic depression.
You are back in the days of the Wild West. Don't get caught in a shootout.
The world is full of zombies. Will you be the one to stop them?
Survive the 30 waves of zombies and 2 bosses, buying upgrades with the money you earn from fighting.