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Are you old enough to remember when Super Mario was just Mario? Some of us at do... But just because we're getting a little older doesn't mean we can't play a Super Mario game or two. Even if you never knew Mario wasn't Super Mario at one point, go ahead and play some fun Super Mario games!
Hmmm..... I wonder what happens when you put Pokemon, Sonic, and Mario worlds together?
Defeat your enemies and collect coins on your quest to save the princess.
The Castle is the second challenge for Mario! He has defeated the evil boss on land, now he must defeat him in his own castle. The castle is dangerous so be ready for anything.
Go on an adventure with Mario or Luigi. Try to collect as many points possible on the way!
Mario is hitting the beach and racing his jet ski. Hit the ramps and collect the coins. Jump over the obstacles and reach the finish line before you run out of lives.
Mario is back on land fighting through 4 tough levels trying to save the princess from the big boss. Battle the boss and save the princess!
Choose your favorite Mario racer and race the other characters.
What is Sonic doing in Mario World? I think he is lost! Can you help him escape?