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Submarine games have got to be some of the best flash games. They put you in a position you'd never normally have the change to be in. You can live out your childhood fantasies of hunting for treasure and relics in some online submarine games. On others you battle in a war submarine game. No matter which kind you choose, just have fun playing these online submarine games!
Are you looking for adventures? Become a pirate employed by the pirate brotherhood and a disaster for the Caribbean!
Explore the oceans of the world looking for the 10 ancient relics.
Escape from the underwater cave with full of scary fish like monsters.
You are a little submarine that travels undersea, and there are a lot of enemies living in the deep.
Take control of a submarine and navigate your way through the water.
Drop your depth charges and destroy all the enemy submarines while avoiding their torpedoes.
Sink and destroy ships such as the destroyer, missile cruiser and battleship while watching out for enemy torpedos.
Choose your strategy to get treasure and upgrade your submarine.