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Go! Go! Go! Hurray! You have to hurray and play our top speed games! Then typing speed games! Don't forget that we have plenty of speed games to paly... *Pant... Pant...* Well, now I'm tired out. I suppose you can take your time and enjoy all of our free speed games at your leisure!
Test your reflexes and your concentration. You have 60 seconds or less to get as many points as possible.
How fast can you type the alphabet?
This fun ABC game has three different levels that require different alphabet skills. Play the one that is right for you!
The alphabet is playing hard to get.
Select the marble groups in order from largest to smallest. Go as fast as you can! Every second counts...
The world for the dinosaurs is coming to an end, and you must help this dinosaur run away from the lava!
Use your mouse to aim and shoot to the target in this Olympic shooting game.
Test your math skills! Become the absolute champion! Pit your ninja Math skills against the machine!
Can you remember the colors and numbers that disappear?
Move your clown through the level as quickly as possible and collect as many bonuses as you can! The level will be over before you know it!
Stack the bricks to the top, but do it with precision or you won't make it!
Click all the smilies of the same color before they jump off the screen. You'll need speed and strategy to get a topscore!
Drive your car and try to survive for about 3 minutes without causing much damage to your car.
Press you left mouse drag the shape into the small box. Simple, right?
Clicking on a smiley is easy, right? WRONG!
How fast can you click? Buy upgrades, unlock achievements and try to get a high score.