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Whether at home or at work, solitaire games are a good way to pass time. But who wants to make a mess with all those cards? Now you don't have to! Simply get on your computer and play any of the free solitaire games in our collection!
A single player card game, the classic Tri Peaks with double the amount of cards and fifteen different layouts.
Another classic Tripeaks game! Can you beat this one, as well?
Tripeaks card game with Cupid, Aphrodite and Ares.
A solitaire domino game. Try to eliminate all dominoes by removing pairs that total 24 from a standard double-twelve set.
A classic solitaire variation with 20 levels and picturesque graphics to make this game even more addictive.
Play solitaire with some of the your Griffin friends. Complete the game to hear the word.
Clear the board by creating groups of cards that sum up to 11.
Based on the classic Freecell solitaire but with a special twist! Use the golden cards to your advantage.
Most deals can be solved in FreeCell Solitaire. Can you solve the next deal?
Move all cards to the foundation. The foundation cards must have the same suit and in ascending order.
Sort the entire deck by colors and numbers.
Get sucked in by this addictive, card-cramming version of solitaire.
A pictorial solitaire game, in which you build up a picture of a clock from the cards.
Bring back the happy haunted home of Frankenstein and his Witch bride in this spooky solitaire treat.
Remove poker hands from a deck of cards until there are no cards remaining.
A unique solitaire game where you must win hands in order to advance around the race track.
Have fun playing your plain old, basic solitaire.
What do you get if you combine Klondike with Freecell? Pirate Solitaire.
Play solitaire for hours without having to shuffle a deck of cards!
Stop floundering around and prove you're the Ace of Baits in Solitaire: Deck of Cods.
A 3D version of Tri Peak Solitaire.
Play this classic solitaire game.