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It's Scooby Dooby Doo and the whole Mystery Inc. gang in everything from adventure to jigsaw puzzles in these fun Scooby Doo Games. We've put together a unique collection of free Scooby Doo games that your child will love!
Head over to the vert ramp and compete in a skateboard air contest with ScoobyDoo!
Fly around collecting the right amount of items. Be sure to do it fast so that you can beat the other character!
The first Scooby Doo flash jigsaw puzzle. There are four levels of difficulty. Enjoy!
The second Scooby Doo flash jigsaw puzzle with four levels of timed difficulty. Enjoy!
The third Scooby Doo jigsaw puzzle with plenty of pieces. Can you do it?
The fourth Scooby Doo jigsaw flash puzzle that has lots of pieces.
Scooby Doo on a snowboard? Jenkies... You'll need to help so he does not crash!
Scooby Doo Trivia is a fun game that will test you knowledge on Scooby Doo and see if you really are a big Scooby Doo fan.
You've completed River Rapids Rampage, now continue the adventure in a Creepy Cave.
Find the hidden objects in the Scooby Doo scenes.
The adventure continues with the Neptune's Nest.
Find the pepper and expose the bad guy in this Scooby Doo Adventure.
Identify the fiendish characters' desired food and serve it before the time runs out.
Grab the Scooby Snacks by jumping at the top of the wave!