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The real Olypmics games may come around only every several years, but with online flash games you can play Olympic games online, all the time! Try your luck at winter Olympics games, summer Olympics games and even track and field style games! When you're watching the Summer 2012 Olympics games be sure to play free Olympics games!
Compete in 3 insane athletic games, testing your skill and speed. You will need quick fingers and good mouse wiggling skills to beat the best in this action sports game.
Create a character and play as him or her through several Olympic sports.
Use your mouse to aim and shoot to the target in this Olympic shooting game.
Throw the hammer as far as you can. Spin the character with correct technique, build speed and then release the hammer. But don't throw it into the cage!
Run up and throw the javelin.
Get those finger tapping skills ready! Go and race one of four Oddballs and try and get a highscore!
This is a 2-player Olympic archery game.
Participate Winter Olympic Games 2010 with Miga. Set the highest score in all disciplines and You'll be the winner.