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1, 2, 3... Oh, hi! I was just counting how many number games we have! These number games have a wide variety from different kinds of math games, sudoku games, and even number search games. So get ready for some serious number fun with these free online number games!
A fun tetris-like tile game.
A puzzle card game where you need each row and column to add up to 21.
A challenging puzzle game. Roll the dice and manage your discards. Try to get a positive score!
Solve the equation before you run out of brainpower.
You have never had to concentrate like this! Remember the numbers and you will do fine.
The goal of Color 21 is to drop the colored orbs into columns to create sums of 21.
Drop tiles to make groups of tiles that add up to the required value.
Add or subtract the numbers on the board. Get as many right as possible.
A fun math game that requires you to be fast and smart.
The Mysteriez numbers continue to play tricks with your eyes...
Can you remember the colors and numbers that disappear?
Click the blocks that add up to the number displayed on the panel.
Play Sudoku online. Don't know how to play? Learn here.
Five sudoku puzzles in one.
Play Sudoku against other online players.
Complete the sudoku puzzle
A colorful version of Sudoku!