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Who doesn't love ninja games? And seriously, free is better, so why wouldn't you like free ninja games! These ninja games will keep you fighting for hours!
Cool online fighting game.
Use martial arts, weapons and over twenty chi powers to defend yourself against the ninja assault!
Ninja Cat Episode 1 is the first episode in a series of witty action games. Fend off enemies and defeat bosses as you fight to reclaim your stolen prize.
Steal the wands while avoiding the angry dwarves.
You have only seconds to decide.
Your ninja must rope through the levels collecting all the coins and eliminating all the enemies with your arrows.
Help the ninja attack or avoid his enemies. Getting Super Attacks and much more will help you in this fun game.
Help your ninja reach the dojo door!
You alone must stall the enemy until reinforcements arrive.
Guide this ninja safely to his destination. Destroy all enemies and avoid the obstacles along the way.