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Minesweeper is fun, but the regular version can get boring. That is why we feature both the classic minesweeper game and mine sweeper games that are new and unique! Sweep away and don't forget to watch for the mines in these mine sweeper games!
Use the arrow keys to move to go toward the flag. Avoid hidden mines! It is basically a real life version of minesweeper.
Using hexagonal pieces with six surrounding neighbours, Mine Sweep 6 offers fresh challenges for loyal players of Mine Sweeper and new players alike.
It's the original Minesweeper with awards, ranking points, stats and leaderboards!
The object of the game is to clea an abstract minefield without detonation a mine.
A Minesweeper game with LEVELS and 3 extra lives! Can you complete all the 15 levels and get on the highscore?
Based on the classic game mine sweeper this is the Halloween version Pumpkin Sweeper!