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Flying, bombing, shooting and being generally tough... That is what military games are all about. Military games online offer a great variety of games all in one place. You take take a defensive or offensive position. In any of these military games you can drive a tank, fly a helicopter, or even be ground forces. What you choose, enjoy these military games for free!
Fly the helicopter and drop bombs on your targets.
Strategically place dynamite to inflict maximum damage on the enemy. Reach your destruction targets to pass each level.
An action game where you create buildings and men, make repairs, etc.
A tower defense game that takes place in World World 2!
It's time to stop the Drug Dealers anyway we can! Find them all, and kill them. Do not leave any survivors.
Send swarms of clones to overcome the enemy and claim the territory as your own.
Droids are threatening world domination and there are only a few humans left to stand up to them! Defend key territories.
Take a chance to control the Elite soldiers, lead them to victory, and discover the mystery of the allied form.
Fight against Taliban Corps in Pakistan. New Elite unit, more weapons and trainings.
Peace enforcement. Take a chance to fight as Special Ops in South Osetia during '8 days War'.
Attack your opponent and stay alive!
Build any tower from any Group. But after you build the first one that group will become primary.
The enemy is approaching your city and you need to defend it.
A cool military shooting game. Blow stuff up and shoot the enemy!
In HeliStorm, your mission is to rescue your troops.
Bash and crash through the battlefield.
It's WWII. You are in prison. Escape as fast as you can.
Destroy the enemy base before they destroy yours.
Destroy the enemy base before they can destroy yours.
Create an army and then battle your enemies.
The sky is the limit.
Defend your property.
A really fun role playing game that uses strategy too.
The second game in the RPG saga.
Control an entire army in this exciting new level of Strategy Defense.
Same game, new details.
The time has come for your huge armies to attack your opponent.
Take control of a submarine and navigate your way through the water.
A real time tank warfare game.
Win the war!
The war is on and you're the commander of the troops.