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Logic games are fun for the brain. They not only make you think, but make your brain strong and healthy. Brain games and logic games are so much fun that you should try them today and have fun. Give your brain a workout!
Get all the lights out by making up the sequence.
Capture the king! A clever and attractive puzzler.
Place similar colored blox together to remove them from the board.
Figure out how to move the bomb to reach the target and blow it up.
Protect the pins from getting stolen. Mouseclick to release the ball.
Work your way through thirty creative puzzles.
A puzzle with no instructions.
Click on the balls that are grouped together to remove them.
An exciting game full of crazy boxes.
Find a safe spot before the falling ceiling crushes you.
Move the fairy over the glow stones to turn their lights off.
Arrange the tiles so there are no unmatched connections.
Help the robot move to the blue square.
Lock 'n' Roll is an intriguing puzzle game requiring a combination of luck and skill.
The answer lies at the intersection of ideas.
Using hexagonal pieces with six surrounding neighbours, Mine Sweep 6 offers fresh challenges for loyal players of Mine Sweeper and new players alike.
It's the original Minesweeper with awards, ranking points, stats and leaderboards!
The object of the game is to clea an abstract minefield without detonation a mine.
A Minesweeper game with LEVELS and 3 extra lives! Can you complete all the 15 levels and get on the highscore?
Hatch all the eggs.
Get your ball to reach the goal while avoiding obstacles. This is not your normal soccer game.
Help two sheep clones run from the insane professor's farm.
Open doors to open your pathway to the Big X.
Based on the classic game mine sweeper this is the Halloween version Pumpkin Sweeper!
A brain boggler.
Push the boxes onto the colored tiles in the fewest moves.
Test your puzzle solving skills in this game of many puzzles.
The battle of the brains is on again! Can your brain cope?
Light as many fires as possible.
Round and round go the rings, but can you plan ahead?
A cool snow mobile game where you slide it together in three sizes.
It's like shoving a round peg into a square hole... but more complicated.
Get all towers down in 30 challenging levels. Try to beat them with the least number of moves possible!
Strategically place the tractor spheres to guide the ball into the portal.
Choo choo! In this family-friendly flash game you have to guide all trains safely to their destination. 21 levels of railroad puzzles.
This game is inspired by a physics-classroom chalkboard.
Help Dr. Carter complete each level by climbing the spinning gears.
Hit all pegs to complete the level.