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Legos are a timeless toy. And Lego games online are almost as fun. Play fun Lego Builder games and design your own city. Or race around in car lego games. Free Lego games are here to play, so try all of our free Lego games today.
Build your own creations with several distinct building blocks like wheels, bricks, doors, windows, roofs etc.
The building blocks of your childhood get a run-in with the law.
Jump and smash as many bad robots as you can in this blocky bricky smashing game.
Race your Lego car as fast as possible, avoiding all obstacles. Win all three rounds and you will be the Champion!
Brick Daddy has stolen a huge shipment of gold at the space dock. Quick! Stop him before he escapes.
A great Lego game where you are the lego man and you get to play the lego version of Pacman and Frogit.
A mischievous Rock Monster has been flung from a stolen mine cart. Use your mouse to control his flight and bring him in for a safe landing. Bash rocks, collect crystals, and make use of power ups to maximize his time in the air to gain big points!
Are you a Ninja? Test your ninja skills in the four different elemental paths of fire, earth, lightning and ice.
Give your car lots of power and then shoot it down the tunnel. Find the power markers and reach the end of the tunnel faster.
Legor is back with 30 new levels and level editor!
Classic tetris, lego style!
Defend your base from the attacking zombie hordes. Tower defense with minifig zombies!
Stack a complete building according to the blueprint. The less the time is, the higher your score.
Construct buildings around Stackopolis City by stacking blocks to match the buildings blueprints and artists impressions.