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Space, the final frontier! Or in this case, a new beginning! Find a new beginning in one of these great online kids space games. Explore and once you have conquered one game, move on and conquer the next!
Brick Daddy has stolen a huge shipment of gold at the space dock. Quick! Stop him before he escapes.
Dodge asteroids in your flying saucer. The longer you survive, the higher your score.
You're the cool space dude.
Imagine yourself to be Spongebob and start rescuing his friends by hitting the ball.
The Galactic Melody Catcher will take you on a journey to planets full of color, fun and music.
You are a slug and the world is a psychedelic alien planet. Avoid alien plants, strange creatures, and keep your pH balanced.
Help Mr. Greenberg fly the UFO. Knock off the traffic cones for bonus points.