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Puzzled for where to play puzzle games for kids? Be puzzled no more now that you have found the great selection of kids puzzle games. Actually, you will be puzzled as you play these great games! Bomb's Vacation is a great game that requires logic and physics. Cute Checkers is the perfect setting for learning to play checkers. Or help Dora find the hidden numbers.
A physics based puzzle shooter where players need to blow up all the barrels in the quickest times possible to earn trophies.
Figure out how to move the bomb to reach the target and blow it up.
A memory game
Catching candy has never been so much fun! Use your extendable sticky arm to grab candy in 15 new levels featuring Medieval Times, a hot desert, the Candy Tower of Pisa and more.
Even more candy catching fun, Christmas style!
Enjoy a game of Checkers in a cute fantasy world against the computer or another human player.
Help Pixie Chatta to find the hidden numbers in the Dora The Explorer image.
Find the hidden objects in these fun snapshots from Finding Nemo!
Find all the hidden objects in this fun Finding Nemo game!
A fun memory game.
Hambo is back, this time in Chicago trying to clean the swines out of the city using a variety of weapons.
How do you stop a thieving bear? With a melon cannon, of course…
Inflate transformed people-blocks to help them remove evil spells!
More people-block action in the new Funny Land!
Legor is back with 30 new levels and level editor!
Challenge the Mentals and play their mini games.
The pets are missing mysteriously in the town. Hurry up! The people rely on you to find them before the night fall. Play this new cute hidden object puzzle game with a bit of twist in game play - flashlight mode on final levels.
Can you slide the pieces around to complete this puzzle featuring all of the Disney Princesses?
Fun physics game with colourful art and 30 different levels. Help the Alien get home and protect him from bad tomatos and toxic slime.
If you love School Bus Frenzy, then you will love this School Bus Frenzy slider puzzle!
Slide the boxes to form a picture.
Snail Bob's back he needs to get to his Grandpa's birthday party. Help him arrive safely.
Fix all pieces of the picture in exact position using the mouse. Rotate and swap image parts in the center of the circle.
Humanity has reached the heights to create robots, but have not been able to make an intelligent copy.
Seduce the world with science - one bite at a time...
The animals have escaped the zoo. Help get them back by finding the hidden objects.
A breakout is planned by the farm animals at the petting zoo! They can no longer deal with kids touching them.