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We have a huge selection of kids dinosaur games here to play. Have fun coloring dinosaurs in the Dinosaur Coloring book. Take care of dino eggs in Dino Eggs or shoot them down in Dino Blitz. Our free online kids dinosaur games are a huge hit with children of all ages!
The City Art Museum has started displaying their pieces of art on the backs of dinosaurs. You get to design a piece of art and then race it on the dinosaur's back to the finish line.
Shoot dino eggs at bricks to remove them.
Try to catch all the Dino eggs.
Dino Match is a simple and fun educational mini game. Flip over the cards two at a time and try to find a match.
Find the differences in the two similar images.
Learn your geography with your find dinosaur friends.
Learn your math facts with your favorite dinosaur friends.
Learn to type your words as you race the clock in this fun DinoKids typing game.
Have fun coloring the cool dinosaurs.
Dream about having a dinosaur pet? Your dream just came true.