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Alien games for kids are so much fun. We have a great selection of alien games that are just right for the younger crowd. Blast aliens and save the world. Or be an alien and see what you can do. Whatever you choose, choose an alien game that is fun for you.
DEFEND THE BASE - from evil aliens!
Aliens have landed, hoping to wipe out all humans and occupy earth. But you command a secret army that will battle the aliens. Who will be the winner?
A memory game
Robots vs. Aliens! Shoot, build, upgrade, defend, destroy!
Help the tiny green creatures known as the Pytans to escape the robot infested planet in this adventure game.
Dodge asteroids in your flying saucer. The longer you survive, the higher your score.
Fun physics game with colourful art and 30 different levels. Help the Alien get home and protect him from bad tomatos and toxic slime.
You're the cool space dude.
Take control of your moving laser cannon and furiously unleash your unlimited supply of ammunition on those pesky aliens.
You are a slug and the world is a psychedelic alien planet. Avoid alien plants, strange creatures, and keep your pH balanced.
Aliens are ruining Halloween and stealing all the candy! Assemble a team of vengeful Trick-or-Treaters to rid the streets of the extraterrestrial invaders!
Help Mr. Greenberg fly the UFO. Knock off the traffic cones for bonus points.