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Groupalicious! That's how we describe these fun grouping games. Totally groupalicious. Find the grouping game for you and group the day away.
Place similar colored blox together to remove them from the board.
Cool puzzle game.
Click on the balls that are grouped together to remove them.
Create a match whith three or more blocks of the same color.
Move blocks to make a match of five.
Move bricks around and try to clear the screen before time runs out.
A new block clearing puzzle game. Try to make as many combos as you can!
Match the elements and create massive combos to get the highest score in the world!
EmotiPleX is a strategic puzzle game consisting of various emoticons arranged in strategic puzzles.
Match colorful gems in this fun puzzle game.
Make the blocks disappear.
Eliminate all the balls rolling on screen before they reach the skull.
Save the forest creatures. Form groups of at least three to set them free.
Break all the cubes and grab the dice that match!
Forty tiles of three colors lie on the grid. Your job is to clear as many tiles as you can.
How quickly can your brain process colors and patterns? Try this game to test it out!
Group similar tiles together to bring the unlock the lock with the key.
Duel Screen, block busting action - are you skilled enough?
Slide the smilies to match 3 of the same color. Fill up the big smiley within the time limit!
Slide the cute girly smilies to match 3 or more of the same color. Fill up the big smiley within the time limit!
Whip out your tongue for some buggy block clearing action.
Group the bears together to eliminate them.