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Ghost games are so much fun. What is scarier than playing online ghost games? Well, probably seeing a ghost would be scarier. But since that may not happen, choose a ghost game to play today and don't get spooked.
This asylum once housed thousands of patients. Search this desolate site and uncover whatever darkness lies within.
You are a paranormal investigator. You have some investigative equipment and a passion for the unknown.
You have one bomb to blow up the ghosts. Think wisely before letting the bomb detonate.
Use the elements to help Paul the spirit recover the missing pieces of his picture.
Help little Emily find her way out of the castle and find her mom.
Shoot the ghosts as fast as you can!
Be the best roller coaster brakeman ever on this haunted train ride. Keep the ride safe while making the experience exciting.
Zombies have infiltrated your crypt. Kill all the zombies, then make your way to the exit!
While investigating a strange run-down house, you get locked in. There are many strange sounds and occurrences. Try to find your way out...without getting too spooked!
You're a Ghosthunter collecting evidence of strange occurences and paranormal phenomena.
Ghosts are everywhere! Hunt down all the 12 ghosts hidden in this city scene!
We know that this plant is full of ghosts! It is your task to clean up the plant and save the plant workers from this horror!
These pills cause your dreams to become horrible nightmares in which you have to fight to survive against a horde of evil spirits from beyond. Beware, this game is not for the faint of heart!
Join Pinky in her next adventure in a dangerous and mysterious world.
Enter a world of magic and mystery where the enchanted Magician's Handbook will be your guide.