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Online escape games are so much fun. Free online escape games are even more fun than that. Play our fun selection of escape games today and escape from all sorts of places: a dog house, a snowed in cabin, a bank, and many more. Or be a thief and try to figure out how to escape someone's house with their gold in Gold Thief!
This asylum once housed thousands of patients. Search this desolate site and uncover whatever darkness lies within.
You are a paranormal investigator. You have some investigative equipment and a passion for the unknown.
You have awoken to find yourself in a strange place. Now you must search around and figure out how you got here and how to get out!
You have woken up in a cabin, completely snowed in. You have to escape before you die.
The second game in the Gateway series. Guide your robot through a series of levels.
Help little Emily find her way out of the castle and find her mom.
A thief stole gold from the local museum. Sneaky has his home address. It is up to you to get in and find the stolen gold!
Help Harry Potter escape from a room filled with magic and suspense.
You're innocent and you've got two weeks to bust out before you are locked up for good.
You are locked inside a room... Try to escape.
Where are you? And how do you get out?
It's WWII. You are in prison. Escape as fast as you can.
A puppy has been locked in its home. Help the puppy to get out of the house and roam free.
You misplaced your keys and are now locked inside a room. Can you escape?
You accidentally fell asleep on the school bus and no one noticed. Now you are stuck, but can you escape?
You got caught... Now what?
You are in a far away world and your mission is to collect three types of energy.
Search for seven hidden Valentines and a key from door. To find all hearts and you need to solve all puzzles. After you solved all puzzles use key and escape from Gold Room Valentines! Good Luck!