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Dressing up is so fun. Even funner is to dress up other people. This is the perfect place to do that. Dress up the cute puppy or wild firewoman. Dress up your favorite Transformer or cute fat Garfield. All of your favorite characters are here at online dress up games at
In a dream world all kids want to have a cute little pony to dress up.
This baby bunny is already adorable, so imagine what it would look like dressed up.
Even in the bamboo forest, the rules of fashion are not black and white...
This is a comprehensive salon for the beauties. You can do your make-up and design your own fashion.
Choose your fravorite Brat and dress her up to star in the new Bratz Movie!
Build a robot out of hundreds of parts. Then save and show to your friends.
Dress up your favorite CareBears in any outfit you like.
ChaZie is at her Beauty Salon, so help give her a great new outfit and hair style!
Dress your Bratz doll up so that she is ready for the big Christmas party.
Decorate the Christmas Tree.
Have fun decorating this beautiful Christmas tree.
The cute girl will attend her bbf's party. She needs a cute style to go there. She came to your salon for that cute style!
Dress up your favorite Dragonball characters.
Dress up Nemo any way you want too.
Dress up the woman so she can rescue people from the burning building.
Dress up Agent Darwin with spy equipment.
Dress up Garfield any way you want.
Play dress up.
Dress Harry Potter any way you want. Don't forget Hedwig.
Create your kitten from scratch. You can customize every detail of your kitty and then print it out.
Dress this adorable kitty cat in the cutest accessories and change her fur and eye color.
This cute little kitty is heading out on a big adventure. You need to get him dressed to go.
Little Nancy can be a devil of a child... or an angel.
Can you pick the perfect outfit to go with this lovely reindeer's shiny red nose?
Give a fashionable makeover to the girls.
She may be young, but this baby unicorn is ready for her style to be the stuff of legends!
Dress 30 different kinds of adorable doggies up from head to paw!
Give these nesting dolls a look fitting of Mother Russia!
This mystical mermaid is looking so beautiful as she sits on the rocks looking into the sea.
Dress the nurse for a day of helping sick people.
Have fun dressing this pet shop owner.
Create an army of perfect little ponies!
Make over a little pony so she can be pretty.
Dress up your favorite princess, The Little Mermaid!
Dress the princess any way you want.
Dress up the Princess Suzi.
Decorate your pumpkin and have a ball!
In the depths of the ocean, our beautiful mermaid princess is singing and please choose the best fantasty style for her.
Dress him up as an astronaut, boxer, pirate, maid, and more! Have fun with his one!
You are going to be in a wonderful ballet show. Before you can go out on stage and perform you need a complete makeover.
Design a fabulous home for your tropical fish. Once you have created the perfect aquarium, design your fish and watch them enjoy life!
Pick your favorite Winx Club Girl and dress her up in super doll outfits and high heels.
Dress up Woody any way you want!