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Love to destroy things but don't like the cleanup? Then you have found the right place. We have free destruction games that you can play for hours and never have to clean a thing. Destroy a village and blow up the people in Destroy the Village. Or go around in an indestructable tank blowing everything else up. Whatever you end up destroying, have fun and make a mess!
This game combines driving and shooting.
It may take a village to raise a child, but to destroy a village it takes rockets.
Kill all of the aliens to save the inhabitants of the earth.
Jump your Destructotruck as far as you can! How many buildings can you destory?
Meet Flakboy, your test subject for today. He can take a lot of damage, but just how much damage can you deal?
Use your tank as your weapon to destroy the enemy.
Someone forgot his coffee this morning...
A cool alien invaders game.
Mel is at it again, he just can't keep his car on the road. Get behind the wheel and cause as much carnage as you can.
Destroy your race car.
Zap some bugs with your Rigelian hotshots.
Destroy the Ultimate Spaceship Bomb before the countdown finishes and blows up the entire universe.
Eliminate all your stick giant foe and dominate Stickland now and forever.
Shoot the enemies that want to destroy your turret.
See how long you can survive without hitting the walls.