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Chain Reaction Games are so awesome that we just can't stop playing them once we start. Sort of like the chain reactions that you will start when you play these fun games.
Link moving Atomz by matching shapes or colors. Linked Atomz change their form and create bigger molecules.
Click on the screen to start a chain reaction.
Get a long chain reaction by moving the atoms.
Induce chain reactions by clicking in the black spaces. Then watch the beautiful fireworks.
A domino puzzle game with delicate physics. Carefully place your dominos in the correct place, and then push them over.
A crazy game of angles.
A chain reaction game that is bursting with fun. The aim is to create a chain reaction of explosions to clear the screen.
Like the name says, just link the balls together.
Try to rid the screen of mines by creating a chain of explosions.
The sequel to the not entirely unsuccessful, moderately well-received original is finally here! Guaranteed to blow your mind
On each level you are given an assignment to react the number of balls stated by the goal parameter.
A beautiful, score based chain reaction game where popping the stars leads to a fantastic eruption of color and sound.
Use dominoes and other strange pieces to create a chain-reaction to knock down all the dominoes and trigger the flag.
Transfer energy from tile to tile to fill the energy bar and enter the portal.