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Do you love to blow things up but don't want to get in trouble? Come play our free bombing games and destroy things to your hearts content. Play Bomb It with a friend or play on your own. Kaboom is a great old classic. In Bombs Vacation you have to figure out how to get the bomb to its target by using logic and physics. Or create buildings only to blow them up in Demolition City.
The aim of the game is to put mines for breaking boxes which are higher than a mark.
You have one bomb to blow up the ghosts. Think wisely before letting the bomb detonate.
The original Bomb It game.
Can you bomb the other players before they bomb you?
Bomboozle is a fresh puzzler in which bombs are your best friend!
Figure out how to move the bomb to reach the target and blow it up.
While the enemy troops are crossing, click the sticks of dynamite to set off explosions. Destroy as much of the bridge as possible.
Strategically place dynamite to inflict maximum damage on the enemy. Reach your destruction targets to pass each level.
Destroy the buildings with your bombs.
Use the helicopter to find and defuse the bomb.
This is an old atari game that has been moved online. Save the world from a mad bomber!
Challenge different rivals in computer mode or your friends in multi player mode at volleybomb.
Blow up all the bombs with only one shoot! Sound easy? It will be with Sonic and friends!
Millions of bombers appear in the sky and there's no shelter in sight.
Stop the bombs from blowing up before they hit the ground by typing the word associated with it.