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This collection of games is so bizarre that we don't know how to describe them other than strange and weird and even sometimes "HUH?". Have a great time!
Defend yourself and survive the massive enemy attacks.
Save the world by killing your enemies.
Play now with 20 types of weapons and bonuses, 15 types of enemies and full ship customization.
Convert as many people into Pastafarians as you can before time runs out.
Meet Guy: he doesn't shoot the bad guys the old fashioned way!
Once you learn the secret, you will want to share this game with all your friends.
Launch the kid as far as possible to escape the giant bear! Use the mouse to set the angle and power.
Choose your own ending...
How long can you last in this world of dark art madness?
Get those finger tapping skills ready! Go and race one of four Oddballs and try and get a highscore!
Guide the Gobbler to each planet so that he can eat it.
You are a slug and the world is a psychedelic alien planet. Avoid alien plants, strange creatures, and keep your pH balanced.
See how long you can survive without hitting the walls.