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Puzzles - Page 8

Scarlett travels to Africa, South America and other exotic locations to manage five farms and try her hand at fowl farming.
Switch the positions of red and white bishops on the board. Bishops cannot be placed on a square where they can be captured.
WordZee is a mix of a word game and the popular Yahtzee dice game.
Once you learn the secret, you will want to share this game with all your friends.
A quick, short game where a player must navigate through a maze of moving objects.
Nice combination of hidden object game and find differences game on a films theme.
A word game where you form words both left to right and up and down.
Find words hidden in a 3D cube.
Hit all pegs to complete the level.
Get all towers down in 30 challenging levels. Try to beat them with the least number of moves possible!
Open doors to open your pathway to the Big X.
Bango is a game that requires two things: thinking out of the box and great platforming skills.
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