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Puzzles - Page 8

A unique version of the original match 3 game.
Build words by dropping tiles onto the grid. Get better scores with larger words, and go for combos to score the highest!
Connect objects to get Smiley to the end.
Get a long chain reaction by moving the atoms.
You have awoken to find yourself in a strange place. Now you must search around and figure out how you got here and how to get out!
Work your way through thirty creative puzzles.
This is the fifth edition of Airport Madness. You are an air traffic controller in the year 1925. As time progresses, your small grass airfield grows up into a major international airport in 1970. Witness WW2, flying mail service in the 1920's and mo
A game to test your memory.
My Word! is a word game with a unique 3D board that allows the player to see the upcoming letters.
Scarlett travels to Africa, South America and other exotic locations to manage five farms and try her hand at fowl farming.
Switch the positions of red and white bishops on the board. Bishops cannot be placed on a square where they can be captured.
WordZee is a mix of a word game and the popular Yahtzee dice game.
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