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Puzzles - Page 17

You are in a far away world and your mission is to collect three types of energy.
Find a safe spot before the falling ceiling crushes you.
Round and round go the rings, but can you plan ahead?
Connect the pipes to let the water flow to the animals and the crops.
Which line is moving the fastest and which line is moving the slowest?
Form shards of glass into a colorful mosaic.
Try to evolve your monkey into a modern human being.
Guide King Jester through the maze.
Find the five hidden objects in each tranquil aquarium scene.
Find every letter of the alphabet which is hidden under the sea. Make sure you search high, low, and on the fish to find all the letters.
While investigating a strange run-down house, you get locked in. There are many strange sounds and occurrences. Try to find your way out...without getting too spooked!
Use your imagination to recreate the nippy and fun atmosphere of winter in your tank.
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