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Puzzles - Page 16

Build walls and protect your land from the flooding water in this addictive maze game.
A sports idiom remake of a classic game Hangman.
Guide the pink ball through the levels as fast as you can without falling down! Featuring 3D physics and 3D graphics.
The second game in the Gateway series. Guide your robot through a series of levels.
Your objective is collect maximum score by exploding the similar monster tiles.
Create a match whith three or more blocks of the same color.
A new block clearing puzzle game. Try to make as many combos as you can!
Play Tetris at your own risk. You may become addicted...
You are in a far away world and your mission is to collect three types of energy.
Find a safe spot before the falling ceiling crushes you.
Round and round go the rings, but can you plan ahead?
Connect the pipes to let the water flow to the animals and the crops.
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