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Puzzles - Page 15

Cricklers are like a daily crossword (but simpler) and based on today's news.
A classic hangman game with a Halloween theme.
Video Hangman based on the classic word guessing game Hangman. It features full motion video.
Discover the name of the hidden animal in the photo before the candle goes off.
Arrange the tiles so there are no unmatched connections.
A challenging puzzle game. Roll the dice and manage your discards. Try to get a positive score!
Form a pipeline for the ball to follow.
Slide the cute girly smilies to match 3 or more of the same color. Fill up the big smiley within the time limit!
Build walls and protect your land from the flooding water in this addictive maze game.
Search for seven hidden Valentines and a key from door. To find all hearts and you need to solve all puzzles. After you solved all puzzles use key and escape from Gold Room Valentines! Good Luck!
Try this fun game of Where's The Ball.
A sports idiom remake of a classic game Hangman.
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