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Puzzles - Page 13

You are a paranormal investigator. You have some investigative equipment and a passion for the unknown.
Use arrow keys to get to your valentine. But when the filed rotates your control keys also change.
Classic hangman game. Topic: Top 50 tennis men players.
Find the hidden numbers in each of the scenes from the Transformers movie.
Help the robot move to the blue square.
The board is composed of a grid of 81 cells and nine of nine subgrid cells. Fill the entire board with the numbers 1 to 9.
Find the hidden objects in the Transformers Movie scenes.
Dive to the bottom of the sea and find various hidden items. Use your money to create a unique aquarium.
Move the fairy over the glow stones to turn their lights off.
Test your puzzle solving skills in this game of many puzzles.
Kullors are cute little fellows. Unfortunately they're not very bright. So finding a suitable partner to spend their short lives with can be difficult. Do your part and help these little cuties find happiness.
Duel Screen, block busting action - are you skilled enough?
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