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Puzzles - Page 12

Hatch all the eggs.
Try to beat all 42 levels in the fastest possible time.
Have fun with this advanced Cross Word puzzle with difficult words.
Construct a path from the starting pipe to keep the slime from flowing out.
Help Harry Potter escape from a room filled with magic and suspense.
Follow the mystic way across challenging rune mazes surrounding the rocks to clear each level.
Help the warrior cross the watery caverns. Read the word definitions and guess the words that are hidden behind the clouds.
A word search game with a twist! Make words out of the blocks that fall. Reuse letters, move them around or throw them away.
Eliminate all the balls rolling on screen before they reach the skull.
You are a paranormal investigator. You have some investigative equipment and a passion for the unknown.
Use arrow keys to get to your valentine. But when the filed rotates your control keys also change.
Classic hangman game. Topic: Top 50 tennis men players.
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