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Puzzles - Page 10

Create the eerie atmosphere of an underwater haunted house with witches, vampires and ghosts in your aquarium.
You're a Ghosthunter collecting evidence of strange occurences and paranormal phenomena.
Find the Words given to you by searching inside the sea of seemingly random letters within the time-limit!
Bomboozle is a fresh puzzler in which bombs are your best friend!
Select the marble groups in order from largest to smallest. Go as fast as you can! Every second counts...
The latest edition of the brain-bending anagram puzzle game!
Guide the marble to the end of the path. There are 20 levels, each one more challenging then the next. Can you beat all 20?
Stare into the starry night to find all of the constellations.
The answer lies at the intersection of ideas.
A fun math game that requires you to be fast and smart.
A moving jigsaw puzzle that is scary and out for the Specter.
Just like any other Memory style game, but with a Valentine's Day twist!
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