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Puzzles - Page 1

Learn magical spells by mixing and matching the Kullors. Use the rules of color math to to create the ultimate spell.
Relax by the beach with this moving jigsaw puzzle! 3 different modes to challenge you.
Stack a complete building according to the blueprint. The less the time is, the higher your score.
How quickly can your brain process colors and patterns? Try this game to test it out!
If you like scrabble or crossword puzzles, WORDIT is the new game for you! Arrange the letters on the board to form words.
An exciting game full of crazy boxes.
Shoot the ball at the corresponding colored balls to get rid of all of the balls.
The gardener's pets have gone missing in the park. To find his lost pets you first need to find a few objects. Help the gardener to find his lost pets and objects.
A classic word search game. With 3 difficulty levels and no level is ever repeated! Happy searching!
Spot The Dogference is an awesome new online game of spot the difference featuring YOUR dogs!
This marble madness clone will have you pulling your hair out.
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