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Can you spot the differences?
A fun Pac-man type game.
Your objective is simple: Try not to get squashed by the objects drawn on the blackboard.
How quickly can you think and click?
Stack the bricks to the top, but do it with precision or you won't make it!
Play this quick quizmania game that tests your family guy knowledge.
You must type words as fast as you can to ward off the bugs.
Can you remember the colors and numbers that disappear?
In this artist's paintings he blends and hides unique objects which are difficult to spot. Trains are the theme of this exhibition and you need to find the objects hidden in the paintings. Let's see how many you can find.
A fun typing game that challenges your skills of speed and dexterity. Very simple and addictive!
Stop the bombs from blowing up before they hit the ground by typing the word associated with it.
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