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A game similar to that of the impossible quiz by Splapp-Me-Doo, but Pratheek's own version of of it.
Use your intelligence and items to race against the computer.
Paint to save the music! Or play music to paint? Play to figure the mystery out!
We know that this plant is full of ghosts! It is your task to clean up the plant and save the plant workers from this horror!
Manage an urban garden and meet all targets before time expires.
Don't let yourself drift aimlessly.
You misplaced your keys and are now locked inside a room. Can you escape?
Halloween themed slot machine game.
A Three-card Monte game. Keep your eye on the magic door with the treasure.
Manage your own piece of the great outdoors.
Comic hand works like a dress up game but instead of dressing up characters you create original comics.
Slot machine game reminiscent of the old-style 1-payline, 3-reel, 6-icon machines.
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