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Card and Tile Games - Page 7

Play solitaire with some of the your Griffin friends. Complete the game to hear the word.
Come play Blackjack in a serene Japanese setting.
A puzzle card game where you need each row and column to add up to 21.
A prisoner is trying to break away from the prison. But he has to resolve this blackjack puzzle first.
Connect two of the same rows to remove them from the board.
A domino puzzle game with delicate physics. Carefully place your dominos in the correct place, and then push them over.
This game is a simple mix of Indian Pachisi, American Parcheesi, and English Ludo.
Prepare all the orders from the conveyor belt in time by finding two matching tiles.
Match the Simpsons tiles up with the matching character.
Another classic Tripeaks game! Can you beat this one, as well?
Alexander finds himself lost in a spooky forest. Can he find his way out in time?
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