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Card and Tile Games - Page 1

A unique solitaire game where you must win hands in order to advance around the race track.
A solitaire domino game. Try to eliminate all dominoes by removing pairs that total 24 from a standard double-twelve set.
A basic version of the card game.
Play solitaire for hours without having to shuffle a deck of cards!
Come play your favorite game of Blackjack in a prehistoric setting.
A domino puzzle game with delicate physics. Carefully place your dominos in the correct place, and then push them over.
Come play Blackjack in a serene Japanese setting.
Based on the classic Freecell solitaire but with a special twist! Use the golden cards to your advantage.
Learn perfect basic strategy for every possible hand in Blackjack.
Have fun playing Mahjong with over 20 levels to choose from.
Move bricks around and try to clear the screen before time runs out.
Flash Texas Hold'em is a cool poker game. You play against an computer controled opponent. Make your bet and stay cool.
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